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Periwinkle Pooches

If you are a dog lover you’ve come to the right place.  When you stop in be sure to see if one of the Bull Mastiff’s are visiting or if the Italian Chihuahua is napping in the back.  Pets welcome  - we would love to meet your canine family! 

And we would love your help to save dogs, one at a time...

Help Periwinkles save the Pooches!

How does this program work?
We rescue dogs from the Ouachita Parish Animal Shelter in West Monroe, LA.  We are able to pull animals from the animal shelter that might not otherwise get adopted due to overcrowding, health issues such as heartworm or due to their particular breed. These animals are taken into our program and work with rescue groups all over the country to place them in pre-screened adoptive homes. These animals are given a second chance at life through the PAWS Animal Shelter Rescue Program.

Why did we choose this rescue group?
The Ouachita Parish Animal Shelter in West Monroe, LA is so over whelmed with animals that a devastating 600 animals a month are euthanized.

Help us raise funds to be able to pull one of these animals from the shelter and place it into a foster home. Please enter your email address below to be placed on the Periwinkles Pooches Rescue List.  Once we have enough funds to sponsor a dog we will keep you posted of its progress & share the pets happy meeting with their new owners thru photos & videos.  


Click here to make a contribution to our PAWS fund.


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